Almost There (Disney Twisted Series)

By Farrah Rochon
Teen Fiction

There’s just something so magical and nostalgic about the Disney Twisted Series. I haven’t loved all of them, but most of them I’ve found to be done perfectly. This one fell into the “loved” category. Almost There takes you on a different journey than the movie Princess & The Frog, but it’s no less enjoyable. The twist in this retelling is that it’s Tiana who makes the deal with the Shadow Man. You’ll still find most of the same characters you loved in the movie, but you’re given new and deeper insight into their thoughts and lives that you don’t get from the animated movie.

One thing that shined through was the romance between Tiana and Naveen. Though they fall in love through different circumstances than the movie, you can still feel the sparks between them, even if you might want to beat Tiana over the head for not following her heart at times. You can tell Farrah Rochon is a romance writer by the way she creates the chemistry and interactions between Tia and Naveen, which I thought was expertly written.

I loved seeing the new characters in the story, one of which means a great deal to Tiana. I loved seeing that particular relationship flourish, even through times of pain and hardship. One thing I also loved was seeing how Lottie’s character bloomed. I came to appreciate her so much more than the silly, spoiled girl in the movie.

If you love Disney movies and retellings, I think you will love this book. You should also check out the other 12 books in the series because (with few exceptions) they are such fun novels that are brimming with Disney magic.

Book Review by Erica M., Assistant Librarian