Little Women

Little Women

By Louisa May Alcott
Teen Fiction

Little Women, by Louisa May Alcott, is a well known novel which follows the fictional lives of four sisters during the 19th century. The novel tells the hardships, growth, romance, and many more aspects of the sisters’ lives starting from when they were a child to a fully fledged adult. Since the book is quite long, this very general summary will have to do for now. Read the book for more details.

What is interesting about Little Women is that the characters are very human. Each person has their own unique flaws, goals, and hopes. Furthermore, the setting and the values of the people in the book gives a sense of what the general atmosphere during the time period the book is situated in could be like. Another thing the author does quite well is introducing and showing the flaw of each main character and telling the story of how they overcame and worked through each issue. The growth that each person shows is astounding. In short, the book is actually pretty lifelike and the author in my opinion does a good job making the characters seem realistic to an exceptional degree. There are lots of themes embedded within the book as well, including the importance of work, a women’s ambition vs familial duty, etc. The only thing that may be uncomfortable for some readers would be the tragedy at one point in the novel. Though it only serves to make the book more realistic by adding ups and downs to it, if you want a book to make you happy all the time while reading it maybe this isn’t for you.Though you’ll have to explore the book yourself if you are interested in the novel or want to accurately judge its quality to your standards.

Book Review by Timothy Fang, OTLC Member


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